Singer, songwriter and fashion entrepreneur Maggie Lindemann has been making waves in the alt scene in 2020, and she's just getting started.

Having come from a pop background, Lindemann started blending genres and experimenting with rock and metal sounds. She even created a pop-punk version of one of her radio singles, and it became a huge hit with fans. 

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Now in 2021, she's entering a new era of her career with her debut EP, PARANOIA, available everywhere Jan. 22. We can't wait to see what else Lindemann has in store for fans, and we're excited to see her change the rock scene. In fact, she already has. Check out 10 ways Maggie Lindemann is keeping emo alive in her music below.

She worked with Travis Barker

Lindemann transformed her bright pop song “Friends Go” into a pop-punk hit when she teamed up with Travis Barker to give it a different vibe. In fact, she shared her guitar-learning journey on Instagram and showcased her pink Fender on this song to turn it into something new. She also has a divine grunge look with an oversized flannel that gives off nostalgic Nirvana vibes. Overall, this is the song that showed fans what Lindemann would grow into as we know her today.

Her style is on point

When you identify as punk, emo, scene, etc., it definitely comes with the expectation of dressing in ways that are expressive and fun. Lindemann is always showing off her rock star style, whether it's band merch, fishnets, high tops, etc. Not to mention, her eyeliner is always perfect, which is definitely a tricky thing to master.

She made a metal song

Across all of her new tracks, Lindemann has incorporated some catchy guitar riffs, but most prominently, she teamed up with experimental musician Siiickbrain to create "GASLIGHT!" In it, Siiickbrain shared her screams for the project's chorus, giving Lindemann an even bigger push into the world of alt music.

She writes raw lyrics

In her songs, Lindemann reveals her insecurities and isn't afraid to speak about moments of vulnerability. In her most recent single “Loner,” she sings, "Yeah, I'm a loner and I like it that way/I like a dark room with nobody but pain/And I don't need permission to feel sad/And don't need no witness to have my back." These lyrics are reminiscent of early Green Day and Lil Peep's storytelling.


If this T-shirt looks familiar to you, it's because you may have seen Lindemann's own apparel line SWIXXZ at Zumiez. You can look hardcore and alt with her designs inspired by metal fonts and imagery for reasonable prices. Additionally, she has her own label under the same name, meaning that she's a DIY queen.

She's inspired by Tim Burton

For her 2020 single "Scissorhands," Lindemann was inspired by Tim Burton’s 1990 cult classic Edward Scissorhands starring a young Johnny Depp with wild hair, dark lips and, well, hands made of scissors. Keeping the ’90s alive in your songs? That's something few other mainstream artists are doing right now.

She shares her political opinions

She certainly has a big platform, and she uses it for good. Some artists with huge followings choose to forgo political or social opinions to maintain a certain reputation. Lindemann knows that lives and rights matter more than losing a few fans who may not agree with her stance. Showing up for causes that matter and boosting marginalized voices? Well, that's punk AF.

Her social media aesthetic is reminiscent of Hot Topic

Across all of Lindemann's social platforms, you can see her emo mindset at work. Bright neon backdrops, dim colorful lighting and shadow effects all create the perfect aesthetic that would be Hot Topic-approved.

Her music videos get dark

In classic emo fashion, she uses dark concepts in her music videos. She enters a creepy haunted house in "Human," with all the black lace, gothic candles and zombie dancers to delight fans of Halloween. This track reflects what it feels like to be different from those around you, which is emo in and of itself.

She loves creepy costumes

Lindemann isn't afraid to dress up like her favorite characters or horror figures. In this case, she's costumed as Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. We stan a queen who rocks vampire fangs, red contacts and goth apparel.

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