Just in time for spooky season, Maggie Lindemann dropped her brand-new single "Scissorhands" for Halloween lovers and music fans alike.

In fact, she was inspired by Tim Burton's 1990 cult classic Edward Scissorhands starring a young Johnny Depp with wild hair, dark lips and, well, hands made of scissors.

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Lindemann describes Edward Scissorhands as “one of [her] favorite movies for a long time.”

“It’s such a cute, quirky movie, but if you really dig deeper, you realize the struggles he faced with society’s norms and his inability to get too close to the people he loved without hurting them,” she exclusively tells Alternative Press. “I feel like I really relate with that, and the concept was just too good to not write about.”

In fact, the heavy guitar, metal scraping sounds and soft vocals all uniquely complement her raw lyrics about her own insecurities and desire for love but being unsure how to attain it (“Hold you closer, but I can't/I don't wanna kill a man,” she sings).

This song has been in the works since spring. Lindemann actually gave fans a taste of “Scissorhands” way back in April on her Instagram. She posted a snippet of the chorus with a cryptic caption of three scissor emojis.

This hard-hitting alt-rock track will appear on her forthcoming EP, PARANOIA, due out Jan. 22. You can hear Lindemann let loose and channel her sinister side in “Scissorhands” below.

Lindemann rose to fame with softer and poppier tracks such as "Friends Go," but she's venturing successfully into rock and even metal. She debuted her new sound in August with "Knife Under My Pillow."

She also teamed up with experimental artist Caroline Miner Smith, who performs under the moniker Siiickbrain (fans may recognize her from Machine Gun Kelly’s “I Think I’m OKAY” video) to craft "GASLIGHT!" This track is equal parts empowering and badass, with dark, bass-ridden tones to shape their lyrical revenge plot. Lindemann shared that it was inspired by Nascar Aloe$uicideboy$ and IC3PEAK, and you can read more about it in an interview with Alternative Press here.

Both tracks will also appear on PARANOIA. Preorders are available here.