Last year, Maggie Lindemann established her signature sound with her debut EP PARANOIA. Now, on her debut album SUCKERPUNCH, the artist homes in on her adventurous, pop-punk-driven sound and delves deeper into transparent lyricism. On the vulnerable record, Lindemann takes listeners on a journey through her life, from her high school days and early beginnings in the industry to dealing with complicated relationships and feeling alone.

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“take me nowhere”

“take me nowhere” was inspired by feeling super lost. Starting off really young in a completely foreign industry was super hard for me. I felt super alone and like I just didn’t belong. I rewrote the verses a couple of times and almost completely scraped the song. It got added last minute, and now it’s one of my favorites.

“she knows it”

“she knows it” is about, obviously, liking a girl with a boyfriend, and she knows it. It should be me instead of him, and I wrote this song about this girl that I liked a couple years ago. She would always complain to me about her boyfriend and how he didn’t treat her right and how he just was a piece of shit. It used to drive me crazy because I was like, “Well, I’m right here.” We would hang out all the time, and she would always flirt with me. I think she was just really confused, and it confused me. She ended up breaking up with him and then getting back together with him — it just broke my little gay heart.

“casualty of your dreams”

“casualty of your dreams” is about someone that is lying to you — you’re just asking them for some honesty, they’re constantly lying and then they get caught in a lie, and you’re just over it. I wanted it to feel like two parallels, like, “I’m mad at you, and I hate you, and you’re dead to me and don’t come crawling back to me,” but at the same time, I can’t resist you every time you come back.

“self sabotage”

The song is about not allowing yourself to receive the love that you deserve. I crave a little bit of action in my life, and when things are going too good, I tend to do something to test the pliancy of the positiveness.


“phases” is pretty straight to the point — being in a relationship where someone only wants you when they feel like it. I wrote in some specific moments, too, but we also rewrote that pre.

“i’m so lonely with you”

“‘i’m so lonely with you” is about being in a relationship where you just feel so lonely — you feel like they don’t hear you. And feeling like you can’t leave because no one can take their place and they’re irreplaceable, and you think if you leave that you can never find better than what you already have, which, by the way, is not true. There’s always better out there if you’re in a bad situation.

“break me!” (feat. Siiickbrain)

“break me!” featuring Siiickbrain is about being intoxicated. It’s all the feelings it gives you, that rush of fear and adrenaline, but also the calmness and peace. The video is meant to convey the juxtaposition of the two — one moment you’re euphoric, and the next you feel like you’re broken, suffocating and your heart is decaying.

“girl next door”

“girl next door” is about my life through the eyes of someone else. I wanted to talk about me in high school and give this imagery of sneaking back in [my house] really late at night and watching my life unravel from an outside perspective.

“we never even dated”

“we never even dated” was about someone I never even dated, but I had this friend that I really liked, and I felt like we had really good chemistry. I felt like every time I was around them, I was completely myself. I know they had a crush on me, and I had a crush on them, but it was something that I just didn’t want to admit because I felt like the situation was complicated. In my eyes at the time, it wasn’t something that I really felt like I should pursue, so I let it blow over. I remember I felt like I had made such a big mistake, and I kept wondering, “What if I would’ve just admitted it?”


“novocaine” is also about feeling super lost and alone. Passing the time with toxic behaviors, things that probably weren’t very good for me. This one’s super personal, especially that bridge.

“you’re not special”

With “you’re not special,” I wanted the song to make a statement. Everyone has had to deal with someone in their lives who is two-faced — so kind to your face and mean behind your back. There’s always going to be someone judging you or hoping to see you fail, but rather than let those people get under your skin, keep doing you and pursuing your dreams. This song is an anthem for these people of Janus, maybe not the one they want, but it sure was fun to write!

hear me out”

“hear me out” is 100% the most personal song on the album. I wrote it from my 16-year-old perspective. I was going through so much, and I felt like everyone was watching and everyone just saw it as entertainment. People now are super quick to be there for people clearly struggling online, but a couple years ago, it wasn’t like that. I felt like I was just dying and nobody cared.

“how could you do this to me?” (feat. Kellin Quinn)

“how could you do this to me?” is about being in a toxic relationship and honestly being the toxic one. It takes two to toxic, and I was definitely toxic. A lot of the times when me and my ex would break up, I would wanna hang out because it felt comfortable — I hate hanging out with new people, and I would much rather stick to someone that I know, even if it’s toxic.


I wanted to make a song that had the same principle and sentiment as “Pretty Girl” but felt more like where I am at in my life as a 24-year-old vs. being 17. “cages” is about being free and doing what you want, whether it's dyeing your hair, drinking or crashing your car just to see who’s really there for you. It's me saying, "No, there's nothing wrong with me. I'm not going through anything — this is just who I am. Let me live!" I did the song with John Feldmann, who is such a legend and so fun to write with, Alex Lahey, who I wrote "Knife Under My Pillow" and "Crash and Burn" with, and Rachel West. It was [also] inspired by the movie 13. I love that movie, and for some reason, when I was writing it, I kept seeing the movie in my head. The music video is heavily inspired by “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne. I love that old MTV music video feel, with the filter and the early 2000s energy. I’m heavily inspired by Avril, so I wanted to do something to give my respects [and] be able to do a fucking cool, fun video.