Maggie Lindemann has dropped a new episode of her web series SWIXXZWORLD. In the episode, Lindemann hangs out with Zeph at a concert.

SWIXXZWORLD is a new video series where Lindemann picks artists that she loves, drops into their world and gifts them items from her SWIXXZ clothing line.

The Zeph episode is the second entry, following a series intro episode. Lindemann introduced the world to her series back in June 2021. She gave a behind-the-scenes feature on her clothing brand, and also allowed fans to see her creating music in the studio.

She also writes an accompanying blog post about the artists, including her favorite tracks. Lindemann built and posts to the blog herself. It also features a guestbook where fans can leave a note for her when they visit. You can check it out here.

Lindemann spoke about Zeph to AltPress. “I started following Zeph a couple years ago because I loved her snippets she’d post on Instagram. I also just loved her whole aesthetic, she feels really cute and authentic and I love it. I really love her music.”

You can watch Lindemann's video with Zeph below.