If New England modern-rockers Major Moment were a political force, things could be a whole lot better in this country. The Boston-based act have a penchant for anthemic choruses, interesting electronic flourishes and straight-ahead rock energy. Today AltPress is premiering the lyric video for their new single, “The Flood."

Starting in 2018 in Boston, Major Moment got on the greater rock radar with their debut EP, One Small StEP. Last year’s follow-up release, The Sequel, carried their musical intentions further, and the band were rewarded with international chart placings and a growing fanbase. We should also remind you of their stunning take on Linkin Park’s “Leave Out All The Rest” that they recorded for Talinda Bennington’s 320 Changes Direction charity.

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For “The Flood,” Major Moment made some changes and some statements. Frontman Andrey Borzykin stepped away from the mic to give keyboardist/synth op Sasha Razumova lead vocal duties. She wastes no time belting out the song’s 100-db wake-up call. “We originally started writing the lyrics inspired by a personal event we had to deal with,” Borzykin says. “As we kept writing, we realized the song had a much deeper meaning talking about the current state of the world we live in. We wanted ‘The Flood’ to serve as a reminder that we are all a big family, and that despite our differences, we do actually bleed the same.”

Borzykin talked about his band’s aesthetic, the pointedness of “The Flood” and what he hopes Major Moment can do for listeners.

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Major Moment write songs that feel positively anthemic. Was that by design, or did your creative vision morph into something else than what you originally started?

Thank you! Every song we’ve written was inspired by a personal experience or event. It just so happened that we went through quite a few challenges in life to get where we are today, and we’re still going through them. We changed countries of residence, occupations, lifestyles… quite drastic changes. One common denominator is our favorite artists’ music has always been there to support us and give us strength when we needed it. No matter how trying the times were, they always led to some positive outcome, one way or another. 

One of the reasons why we started making music in the first place was to give back, to pay back with the same energy that was given to us through music. It wasn’t a calculated decision of “Let’s make some inspirational music to empower people.” Rather, it was us writing about what bothered us in the moment and trying to see some silver lining through it.

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Was "The Flood" designed as a cautionary tale, or is it a tragic ending? Is there hope in it? Or do you think humanity is simply doomed?

Those are all the questions we hope our listeners will find themselves asking. We wish we had the answers ourselves. Some days we witness acts of kindness and selflessness. Others we see the darker side of things and people literally destroying themselves and the planet in front of our own eyes. We’re strong believers in positive outcomes, but we’ll be honest. Sometimes they’re rather hard to see with everything that’s going on in the world. One thing is for sure: If each and every one of us doesn’t stop being so selfish, won’t start treating each other the way we ourselves want to be treated, with respect and equality in mind, then there’s very little that hope can do, if not supported by actions. We want everyone to realize that the answers to these great questions you asked ultimately depend on every one of us, individually and collectively.

These are interesting times, for sure. What do you hope people will take away from Major Moment's work? Inspiration? Motivation? Solace? Or something altogether different?

We hope everyone can find something personal to take away from our story and our music. Something they’re looking for or something they need. Even if they don’t know they need it yet. It’s all of those things you’ve mentioned, without a doubt. If our music can make you feel something or make you stop and think, we’ll consider it a success.