Tampa, Florida post-hardcore/pop-punk band Makari are sharing a brand new video for "Subtitles," a single from their recently released EP, titled Ghost Stories, which you can stream in full on Bandcamp.

As to the theme behind the song, the band tells PopMatters, where the video premiered, “The song was inspired by the idea that romance is movie-esque. However, in this instance, it is not about the happy ending, rather, it is about how there can be miscommunication to the point where it is almost as if both parties are speaking a different language. The song is realization, the understanding of the different language and the response—in his case the infatuated protagonist turns away, refusing to be strung along any further.”

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You can view the Joe DeSantis-directed video for "Subtitles" below (edit--the video has since been taken down online, so here is the audio).