When My Chemical Romance launched their own makeup palette, a collaboration with HipDot, in December, the cosmetic sets sold out in mere minutes. With MCR fans craving connection with their favorite band and ready to try out new looks after being stuck in quarantine, this palette honoring Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge comes as no surprise.

Other mainstream alt artists have made makeup part of their merch site as well, including Palaye Royale, Paramore and more.

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There are so many great artists who have memorable makeup looks or album covers perfect for a solid makeup aesthetic. Here are 10 artists who don't have a makeup line but should really consider it.


Fans of YUNGBLUD know he has no qualms wearing makeup. The singer frequently shows that gender can be played with and should be fluid, as he often flaunts his androgynous side while performing, in music videos and more. In the past, he's paired lingerie with dark eyeshadow and lipstick. We would love to rock YUNGBLUD's rebellious and stylish vibes with a makeup palette inspired by weird!. Obviously, it would come with "strawberry lipstick" so that anyone can rock out in a look that makes them feel like the ultimate "21st Century Liability."

Fall Out Boy

It may come as a surprise that one of the biggest bands in the world haven't, at one point or another, attempted a cosmetics collaboration. After all, Pete Wentz really ruled the "guyliner" trend of the 2000s. Plus, several Fall Out Boy fans have crafted makeup looks dedicated to their albums, from MANIA to Take This To Your Grave. Some have even created their own palettes dedicated to the band. Needless to say, the rock outfit have many color palettes based on their iconic album covers to work with. (We would all look phenomenal with red Folie À Deux eyelids.) They even have the perfect name for a makeup line: American Beauty/American Psycho.

Nova Twins

This English rock duo have some of the coolest makeup looks in the scene at the moment. You can always catch Nova Twins playing and posing with artsy eyeliners and bold shadows. These two play with makeup in fun, unique ways and encourage fans to do the same. On Halloween, they even shared Who Are The Girls?-inspired makeup looks on social media. So, when you aren't absolutely crushing it on the road, please share your makeup secrets with us. We want to try our hand at bright blue, red, green, etc. eyeliners and lips.


Poppy can really do it all. Not only is she a fabulous metal artist who's been nominated for a Grammy, but she also rocks a myriad of out-of-this-world looks in all of her performances. She even recently started posting makeup tutorials on YouTube with her signature calming voice that's perfect for ASMR. In the videos, she uses products from Mac, bareMinerals, NYX and others. We would love to see her have her own line of contrasting bright and dark colors to help us show our many sides, just as Poppy does in her dynamic art.

The Maine

The Maine are well known for switching up their aesthetic on every album. From the staunch black-and-white contrast adorning Forever Halloween to the sandy yellows and sky blues on their most recent cover for You Are OK, these color combos are instantly recognizable. Fans love creating eyeshadow art representing their albums. Why not go all out and make eyeshadow palettes inspired by the records that captivate fans? They have definitely sold weirder merch before, including an ice scraper and a band-themed dog leash.


Waterparks may not be known for wearing makeup themselves, but it's more than fair to say this trio are obsessed with color. Let's channel that FANDOM, Entertainment and Double Dare energy into a palette. This way, fans can experiment with bold pigments that are the opposite of "Lowkey As Hell" and as wild as Awsten Knight's hair.


iDKHOW always have a little pizzazz in their performances, whether it's Ryan Seaman's blue hair and patterned shirts or Dallon Weekes' sleek suits and cheek symbols. Honestly, this look is so iconic, fans would love to have their own version. It would be a true dream come true to have iDKHOW-approved face stamps and eyeliner. A look is a look!

Andy Black

Fans of Black Veil Brides and Andy Black all know the singer is always down to rock some eyeliner and black face paint. He even wears a classic red lip on AP issue 361. Straight up, many fans would love a makeup collection comprising different black products to feel like true goth queens and kings.

The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen owns the dark eyeshadow and thick under-eye makeup look. It would be great to have her favorite colors to replicate the look to the best of our ability. Until then, we can only try our best to nail this iconic eye makeup by watching YouTube tutorials.

New Years Day

Ash Costello of New Years Day is the queen of red-and-black hair and makeup looks. We've seen her work her cosmetics magic on camera, but we would love it if she designed a red-and-black dominant makeup palette so we can have the elegant and vampiric look that she rocks constantly.

Who has your favorite makeup look that you would love to wear? Sound off in the comments below!