For many late '90s/early 2000s kids, there was one sitcom always on heavy rotation: Malcolm In The Middle. Smack dab in the center of a family representing the realities of America's dysfunctional middle class was Malcolm, embodying all of the disillusionment a middle child grappled with in 2003.

Ten years after the sitcom ended, star Bryan Cranston has revealed there may be a Malcolm In The Middle movie on its way.

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Many now know Cranston as Walter White from AMC's Breaking Bad series. But, aside from starring as the lead in a massively popular TV show drama, Cranston is also a comedy star, filling the role of Malcom's dimwitted but charming dad Hal in Malcolm In The Middle for six years. He's even about to star alongside James Franco in the comedy Why Him?, out this Friday, Dec. 23.

In support of that forthcoming flick, Cranston did a Reddit AMA, during which the Malcolm In The Middle movie question surfaced. This isn't the first time we've heard of this prospect: E! News asked Cranston about celebrating the tenth anniversary of the sitcom's end, to which he responded "I sure hope so."

According to NME, the actor continued to E! News, “I really do, for no other reason than that I miss those people like crazy and I stay in touch with them… There’s a possibility we want to start talking about the possibility of putting together a story that makes sense about that family 10 years or 12 years later,” he added.

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In that Reddit AMA, Cranston continued the sentiment, saying in response to a Malcolm In The Middle movie question, "There has been some conversation about that.

“I don’t know if or when that could happen, I guess we have to gauge the temperament of the fans to see if its something they want. But maybe. It would be fun to play with all those people again.”

In September 2015, Cranston also expressed interest to Entertainment Tonight Canada in reviving the sitcom, saying "I don’t have a yearning to go back into [Breaking Bad‘s] world because we just covered it completely, I think.

"It’s been 10 years since [Malcolm In The Middle] went off the air and it’d be fun to pick up that guy’s clothes again and be fun and sweet and adorable and hapless and clueless and afraid of everything.”

After Malcolm In The Middle ended, the show's characters dispersed, picking up a variety of different careers inside and outside of acting.

Frankie Muniz, who starred as Malcolm, went on to do some more acting before taking up race car driving and drumming. He was nominated for an Emmy and two Golden Globes for his role as Malcolm.

Cranston continued acting while Malcolm's authoritarian mother Jane Kaczmarek continued television acting. Malcolm's first older brother Reese, played by Justin Berfield, went on to become the Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Produced after doing some charity work. Malclom's second older brother Francis, played by Christopher Masterson, became a disk jockey while Malcolm's younger brother Dewey, played by Erik Per Sullivan, stayed quiet after the show's end.

Here's, arguably, one of Cranston's best scenes in the show:

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