Mallory Knox


FILE UNDER: Anthemic rock

ROCKS LIKE: Paramore / Twin Atlantic / Jimmy Eat World

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Having established themselves with two solid full-lengths, this time out Mallory Knox get in your face—and stay there. With an edgier, more urgent feel predominating the album, the swaggering “Better Off Without You” fits perfectly alongside the uplifting strains of “California” and the more reflective “Saviour.” Though highly polished, nothing comes across as cynical or contrived, and Mikey Chapman’s delivery has never been more heartfelt.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Imbuing every track with distinct character and raising their game across the board, Mallory Knox have truly emerged as a great rock band. Never missing an opportunity to drop a sky-searing chorus, these are anthems that will undoubtedly retain their power long after 2017 has been and gone.

OUR PICK: “California”