Pop-punk titans Man Overboard just released their first new music in over five years. The new track is titled "Lifeline." 

The best part is that the band popped it up and Bandcamp and are telling fans to name their own price. 

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"Lifeline" is Man Overboard's first music since 2015's Heavy LoveThe band have been on hiatus since the release of that record, only reuniting for special anniversary and holiday shows. 

Lucky for us, Man Overboard got back together to record "Lifeline" but didn't know what to do with it from there. They decided that with the state of the world right now, to gift us the new song.

Within the first 30 seconds, listeners are quickly reminded of the catchy melodies and anthemic punk hooks that Man Overboard has always been capable of. 

Speaking on the creation of the song Bassist/co-vocalist Nik Bruzzese questioned if they lost the passion. 

"'Lifeline' is a song we wrote in December of 2019 asking the question 'is the love still there to do this anymore or have we all parted ways in life and lost the passion,"Bruzzese says. " We are the luckiest people in the world to be able to do this but that doesn’t mean it's not mentally exhausting. Coming off of touring non-stop to real life is challenging. Trying to fit back into life, working on broken relationships, starting families, is what everyone in a band that you love goes through."

Guitarist Justin Collier echoed the sentiment, also adding that fans needed something to get their minds off the state of affairs. 

"We have really enjoyed the limited amount of time we get to spend together since we stopped being a full time band. We try to keep things light and fun and not adhere to any schedule but our own. With everything that is going on right now we thought there's no better time to offer our fans a distraction."

Without further ado, listen to Man Overboard's upbeat single "Lifeline."

"Lifeline" Lyrics

Should I pick up where we left off?
Is the love still there
or have we all moved on?
Let me pack my things and I’ll hit the road
No road maps, kill the radio
Let the silence be my only lifeline..

Should I pick up where we left off?
I’ve been hurt and I’ve been dead wrong..
Felt the love and pain all in harmony
Am I still the man that I used to be?
Now I’m gone and time will move on..

Should I pick up where we left off?
Is the love still there or have we all loved on? This is all to much so I gotta go.
Left the stage for a piece of a broken home. Let the silence be my only lifeline.

It’s pitch black
outside and
there’s everywhere to hide..
I gotta relate somehow
No matter what she says I’m gonna figure it out and
nobody can, nobody will
take me from you tonight
I’ll tighten my grip with all my might
I’m holding on for dear life..
I can see it in her eyes.
It’s August
and she swears as
she’s tying back her hair
things are different now
she’s got all those problems figured out and nobody will, nobody can
take it away this time
she’s gotta feel good before she dies.
She’s gotta feel right before she dies.


The New Jersey icons are certainly keeping us distracted during these dark times. We hope they stick around.

Tell us your thoughts on Man Overboard's "Lifeline" in the comments below!

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