Man Overboard

Passing Ends EP

Stopgap EPs can be a delicate matter that usually need to be handled with a certain amount of open-mindedness. Bands that are between albums take the chance to knock off a few songs, maybe try some things they wouldn’t put onto a full-length, and almost always chuck in some acoustic songs for good measure. Man Overboard’s Passing Ends fits that description; five songs, four of which are acoustic-based, including an atmospheric track like “Stood Up” that would probably never find its way onto an album. It makes for an enjoyable 15 minutes of music.

Recorded at the band’s Small Hill Studio, with a mix and master by Will Yip (Circa Survive, Title Fight), Passing Ends strips Man Overboard down to the basics, showing a band proficient in the kind of songwriting that holds up in all incarnations. Then there’s the title track, a barreling emo-rock song that highlights vocalist Nik Bruzzese’s soaring refrains. If this song represents the band’s direction for their next album in 2015, exciting things are to come for Man Overboard.

Lost Tape Collective

“Passing Ends”