Marilyn Manson shares some interesting insights during a recently aired interview with host Daniel P. Carter of BBC Radio 1’s “Rock Show.” Digging deep in his discography, the rocker even reveals which song he’s proudest of writing.

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Selecting a Bowie-ish psycho-ballad from his 1998 third album, Manson tells Carter he’s proudest of writing Mechanical Animals‘ “The Speed Of Pain.” Zeroing in on the song’s lyric, the musician remembers the in-the-air inception of the track.

“It was a poem I wrote,” Manson says. “I was on an airplane [and] I was reading in Time magazine about the amount of time it takes for your brain to acknowledge pain from your body, and it inspired me to write about something else.”

Listen to Manson’s Radio 1 interview with Carter below:

Manson stops to smell the flowers

Recalling the tune’s opening lines (“They slit our throats/Like we were flowers”), the rocker adds he has “some obsession about flowers, about Valentine’s Day, that I cannot explain. If you asked me, if you tortured me, I couldn’t explain it.”

Manson’s interview with Carter was recorded back in December but first aired on Sunday, June 10, as reported by Perhaps the “Antichrist Superstar” was just really looking forward to some nice flowers for Valentine’s Day?

“Maybe I didn’t get enough Valentines when I was a kid,” Manson says during the chat, as pointed out by Revolver. “I’m not really sure what the obsession is, but it comes up a lot. Because I’m not someone who particularly likes flowers.”

Are you shocked by Manson’s choice of “The Speed Of Pain” as his proudest songwriting moment? What’s your favorite Marilyn Manson song? Sound off in the comments.

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