[Photo by: marilynmanson/Instagram]

Following their Coachella collaboration, Marilyn Manson will now be providing guest vocals on X Japan's forthcoming record.

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X Japan are one of Japan's most notable rock bands and have been around for 35 years, but are only now gaining traction in the U.S. The forthcoming record is the long-awaited follow-up to 1996’s Dahlia.

Manson, who is good friends with X Japan's founder Yoshiki, will appear on one of the tracks.

“Recording’s done pretty much, we just have to mix it,” Yoshiki told Consequence of Sound. “It’s pretty edgy. It’s eclectic. Even though people want to say X Japan’s heavy-metal or hard rock, the album is very eclectic and a wide range is covered. I hope this album can contribute in bringing rock to the mainstream. I think I’m pretty confident.” 

X Japan are looking to drop the yet-untitled record in late summer or early fall.

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