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ICYMI: Blink-182's Mark Hoppus took to Twitter last week to point out a continuity error he noticed in Disney's 1991 film Beauty And The Beast. Take a look below to see what Mark's "furious" about regarding this beloved movie!

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The animated, early-'90s Beauty And The Beast is a classic movie that many of us fondly remember from childhood. So, what got Hoppus all up in "beast mode" about the film? Check out the musician's supplied screenshots of one particular Beauty scene between Belle and Gaston from early on in the flick:

Did you catch this cinematic oversight when you watched Beauty And The Beast? Noted bookworm Belle is clearly reading a volume that appears to include illustrations—yet Gaston is indignant that it contains "no pictures."

The book that Belle's reading in Beauty And The Beast—and its importance to the film—has been discussed before. The story contained in the tome appears to be a foreshadowing of her own journey, as pointed out in an article by Bustle. However, there's also a fan theory floating around that she's actually reading the story of Disney's Aladdin in the book (!), per the Daily Dot. Which is it?

But wait! That's not all Mark is puzzled about when it comes to the book-loving Belle and her trusty hardback from Beauty And The Beast! He subtweeted a few other points of contention about the picture, namely that she apparently tells the baker she's reading the story of "Jack And The Beanstalk." Um, really?!

Don't mind us while we go back and rewatch this movie with a more investigative eye! What do you think? Let us know your take on Mark Hoppus' funny-but-woke Beauty And The Beast tweets in the comments.

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