In a recent interview with Denmark’s, Mark Hoppus revealed that Blink-182 will begin working on their new album this year. It was only recently that Tom DeLonge revealed there would indeed be a new Blink album. “Sorry for the wait,” DeLonge had said in a recent update.

In the new interview, Hoppus says that the band were originally going to start recording at the beginning of 2014 but will now hit the studio at the end of the year instead. Read part of Hoppus’ conversation below:

Hoppus: We are basically at the very beginning of the process. We were going to start recording at the beginning of this year, but there were some things happening in some of our personal lives that prevented us from getting in the studio, so now we are getting in the studio at the end of this year instead. We have the beginning of song ideas at this point, and we are really just excited to get into the studio and have an album out sooner rather than later. Do you plan to record it more conventionally with all the members in the same room or will you do it remotely, like you did with ‘Neighborhoods?’

Hoppus: Hopefully we can all mostly be in the same room. I am actually moving back to Los Angeles at the end of this summer, and then all of us will be in Southern California so it will be a lot easier for us to be in the same place at the same time.”

The new Blink album will be the band’s first full-length since 2011’s Neighborhoods