Mark Rose

Wonderful Trouble

Since Chicago-based emo-rock unit Spitalfield disbanded in 2007, vocalist/guitarist Mark Rose has evolved his songwriting into a sophisticated brand of adult-contemporary pop. Wonderful Trouble, Rose’s full-length solo debut, has style and emotion of a John Hughes movie soundtrack. “How Strong We Are,” revived from the singer's 2009 EP, The Greatest Lakes, gives the uplifting song a new perspective with a quicker tempo and concise guitar melodies. “Watch The Water Dry” places the vulnerable lyrics of detaching from something familiar to layered harmonies and subtle synth arrangements. A new take on the Spitalfield holiday rarity “It’s Cold Out There” employs the help of a horn section, and sparks anticipation for the winter months. While Rose’s songwriting is better than ever, don't go in expecting Foo Fighters-esque rock like Spitalfield's last album--Wonderful Trouble is a consistently mellow record. An occasional high-energy number would have been a welcome respite to prevent many of these tracks from melting into one another.


“Watch The Water Dry”