NASA proclaimed that Opportunity Mars rover was officially dead on Wednesday, and it’s last message to Earth was the most emo thing we’ve ever heard.

Opportunity was slated to operate for just 90 days but spent 15 years sending data back to our planet.

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The rover went dark eight months ago and Nasa revealed the last message they received from it.

“My battery is low and it’s getting dark,” the message basically states. Break our hearts already.

It has been reported that the solar-powered rover ended its life after a dust storm knocked it out.

There were many efforts to reach out to Opportunity throughout the past 8 months. NASA sent out one final series of recovery commands Tuesday. They also sent a final wake up song of Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Seriously, we are crying.

The final message brought tears to many team members who had worked with the rover. The team received nothing but silence after the final attempt.

“Even though it's a machine and we're saying goodbye, it's still very hard and very poignant, but we had to do that. We came to that point,” project manager John Callas said to a group of people who worked with both Opportunity and its twin rover, Spirit.

NASA often used different songs to wake up the rover, which they turned into a Spotify playlist that you can check out below. The playlist includes Queen, the Foo Fighters, David Bowie and more.

R.I.P Opportunity, you will be missed.

What do you think of the Opportunity Mars Rover's emo goodbye to Nasa? Sound off in the comments below!

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