Disney made the greatest monetary decision in company history when it chose to buy Marvel in 2009. Don't believe us? The Marvel Cinematic Universe reached $22.5 billion worldwide this year. The next closest asset is Pixar at just $14.2 billion.

The decision was finalized late in 2009, but discussions about acquiring Marvel Entertainment happened before then. Big wigs, however, thought Marvel was a bit too edgy and decided against it.

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“This wasn’t the first time Marvel has been on Disney’s radar. Early in my time working for Michael[Eisner], I attended a staff lunch in which he floated the idea of acquiring them. A handful of executives around the table objected. Marvel was too edgy, they said." Disney CEO Robert Iger says in his new book  The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

"It would tarnish the Disney brand. There was an assumption at the time — internally, and among members of the board — that Disney was a single, monolithic brand, and all of our businesses existed beneath the Disney umbrella. I sensed Michael knew better, but any negative reaction to the brand, or suggestion that it wasn’t being managed well, he took personally.”

Well, who's laughing now? Considering Disney only paid $4.24 billion for Marvel, we'd say it was a pretty decent investment.

It turns out, going against the grain is sometimes the right move.

More Disney

If you missed out on your chance to subscribe to Disney+ for $4 a month, have no fear. The streaming service has now opened up standard subscriptions while tossing in a free trial.

Earlier this month, they offered a “buy two years, get one free” deal for those who signed up for a D23 membership. However, the deal allowing you to snag one free year of streaming lasted only through Labor Day.

Now, standard subscriptions are open with new Disney+ subscribers eligible for a 7-day free trial.

U.S. consumers can now sign up early and be among the first to begin streaming Disney+ when it launches Nov. 12.

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Those interested in signing up for the streaming service can do so here.

Subscriptions can be for $6.99 per month or $69.99 for an entire year. The 7-day free trial will kick off Nov. 12.

Also, a bundle deal including Disney+, Hulu and ESPN will launch Nov. 12 for an astounding $12.99 per month.

Earlier, the full list of movies and TV series coming to Disney+ was revealed which includes original content created just for the streaming service.

You can view the full Disney+ library here. Disney+ launches Nov. 12.

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