If you ever wondered what every Marvel Cinematic Universe scene in chronological order looks like, look no further. A dedicated Marvel fan took it upon themselves recently to put every scene from the 23 MCU movies released so far in chronological order.

So, for Marvel fans looking for another excuse to binge-watch the whole franchise while in quarantine, now is your chance.

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Organizing all of the MCU scenes in chronological order is a massive undertaking. The MCU timeline spans over 1,000 years and also takes place in different dimensions. As well, there are over 50 hours of scenes to sort through between the 23 films that have been released so far.

For Twitter user @Tonygoldmark, however, he decided to take on this challenge. This week, the dedicated Marvel fan unveiled exactly what he has been working on over the past few weeks. He shared a detailed list comprised of all of the MCU film scenes in order of when they happened.

Since sharing the MCU chronological list on May 26, @Tonygoldmark has received praise from Marvel fans worldwide. However, some still aren't satisfied with the work he has done. Some are now asking him to make a video edit showing all of the Marvel scenes in chronological order. That way, they don't have to flip flop between films. However, this request seems more probable to happen from Marvel Studios and Disney due to copyright laws.

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Nevertheless, @Tonygoldmark's extensive list features all of the MCU films including Black Panther, Captain America, Thor and Avengers. The list kicks off with scenes from the Thor franchise followed closely by the introduction to Wakanda's history in Black Panther. Then, the list continues to Captain America: The Winter Soldier followed by most of Captain America: The First Avenger.

He also notes that his list only includes MCU films. He has not included ABC and Netflix Marvel shows on his list. So, if fans were hoping to see scenes from their favorite Marvel shows included, they may be a bit disappointed.

His first tweet includes the first 87 MCU scenes in order. From there, the long list of scenes continues in multiple tweets.

Iron Man 2The Incredible Hulk

What do you think of the @Tonygoldmark's Marvel list? Are you going to try and watch the scenes in chronological order now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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