Fans are still reeling after the craziness of Avengers: Endgame, but Marvel is far from finished with its beloved heroes.

According to a trusted source, who established his credibility with spot-on Endgame predicitions, Marvel has a plethora of films planned to continue to develop its cinematic universe.

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A faceless Twitter user with the handle "@RogerWardell" accurately predicted the returns of some very specific characters, as well as some lines that wouldn't have been easy to guess.

Now, Wardell is predicting the full lineup of upcoming Marvel films over the next decade, as well as a few more key plot points for fans.

The alleged slate of films to be released can be seen below.

Black Widow
The Eternals
Black Panther 2
Doctor Strange 2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
Thor 4
Ant-Man 3
Captain Marvel 2
New Avengers
Young Avengers
Dark Avengers

While some note gaps in the potential list, fans are faithful in Wardell's inside access. The anonymous source has also penned Norman Osbourne as the new villain through the upcoming films, after his potential introduction in the next Spider-Man film.

According to the Independentthe series will be based around "mini-arcs" rather than the single storyline model we've become accustomed to. Characters such as Nova, a Rocket Raccoon romantic interest as well as an unexpected Black Panther character.

Fans are already running rampant on theories for potential new Marvel films, most recently with the future of fan-favorite Deadpool. as well as details on the upcoming Black Widow film.

A few more Avengers films were also teased, including the already-hinted Young Avengers which fans caught a glimpse of in the Endgame credits.

Last month, Disney confirmed the future of "the merc with a mouth" after the company merged with 21st Century Fox. Since then, we’ve been dreaming of the possible crossovers that can happen within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hopefully fans won't be waiting for answers for too long, as Marvel president Kevin Feige is expected to share details on the upcoming films at San Diego Comic Con. Mark your calendar for July 18 to 21, your Marvel fandom depends on it.

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