We really don’t think it's possible that we’re ever going to get sick of Marvel movies. 

The comic universe is so expansive, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe just keeps getting better and better at translating those complex superhuman characters to the screen.

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After 2019’s Captain Marvel and the upcoming Black Widow movie, we got to thinking about 10 other badass women Marvel characters who deserve their own movie. And if the limited series WandaVision showed us anything, it’s that we cannot overlook the ladies of Marvel when it comes to making great movies and shows.

Scarlet Witch


While WandaVision finally gave us a deeper look into Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff’s character, it only made us want more. Wanda, portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen, has already appeared in several MCU films and now has added hype from the show. Her story is made for a feature film. She’s fought both for and against the Avengers and has the unique power of mental manipulation, which opens up a world of possibilities.



Storm is one of the most powerful members of the X-Men. She can control the elements, has been worshipped as a goddess and possesses a backstory worthy of its own telling. Ororo Munroe has been featured in a few films, but she hasn’t received the narrative the character deserves. Not to mention the insane battle scenes a Storm-centered movie would entail...

Ms. Marvel


Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, is exactly the character that Marvel Studios needs to put a spotlight on. The Pakistani-American has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Avengers and isn’t afraid to show it. Not to mention her mentor is Captain Marvel, which could be a major part of the story. Luckily, Disney+ is planning to release a show based on the character later this year. Hopefully, that momentum turns into a full-length film. 



The princess of Wakanda is likely the smartest person in the MCU. Shuri's responsible for the majority of technological advancements in Wakanda, and her brother is the Black Panther. We’d love to see a film that delves into her backstory and features her using her brainpower to save the world.



While the Wasp is no stranger to the MCU and has even starred alongside Ant-Man in a titular role, her story doesn’t feel like it’s been completely told yet. Also, there are technically two Wasps—Hope Van Dyne and her mom, Janet, which could make for a cool multigenerational story.



Tessa Thompson has nailed the supporting role of Valkyrie in both Thor and Avengers films, so it’s about time she gets to take center stage. Valkyrie is as close as it gets to an immortal being and has the backstory to fill a two-hour Marvel film. 



Spider-Woman was featured as an animated character in Into The Spider-Verse, so it’s about time we get to hear all of her backstory. Her powers make her like Black Widow and Spider-Man combined, and she has super-sleuthing capabilities to spy on anyone she needs to. 



Zoe Saldana has made Gamora a character all her own in the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. We’d love to see a standalone film that takes us through her total transformation. She was raised by Thanos as a master assassin but turned against him, making her a complex hero-villain worthy of learning more about. 


Laura Kinney, known as X-23, is the daughter of X-Men’s Wolverine, making her even more badass. Similar to Gamora, she was raised to be evil, only to pave her own way. She’s got superhuman strength, retractable claws and healing powers that make her tough to beat. Plus, there's a backstory made for cinematic plot twists and turns. 

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde started off as a teen hero in the X-Men universe and has yet to make her debut in the MCU. Before Disney purchased 21st Century Fox, Pryde, portrayed by Elliot Page, appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days Of Future Past. A feature film about her was in the works but has since been shuttered. We’d love to see this idea revived. Page could bring back his role as the quick-witted and intelligent character who has the mutant powers of intangibility.

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