Avengers: Infinity War has only just come out - literally a few days ago - and is already smashing box office records set by previous Marvel films.

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The film, which was just released this past Thursday, made $39 million in ticket sales opening night alone. It swiftly passed the record set recently by Black Panther, which managed $25.2 million opening night. After the first two days, Infinity War was at $95 million and rising.

Unfortunately, a Marvel movie has yet to pass the numbers set by 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the overall biggest Thursday opening ever taking $57 million.

As previously reported, Infinity War also broke many advanced ticket sale records. The advanced sales for the movie more than tripled the advanced tickets sales to Black Panther, which previously held the record as most anticipated superhero film. 

It's really no surprise that Infinity War is having so much success in the box office. According to Comic Book Movie, the film will be Marvel's first two-part film that will better introduce the newest villain—Thanos (Josh Brolin). To combat the devastation that he will surely bring, directors Joe and Anthony Russo shared a cast of 67 characters who will be making their appearance. 

Check out the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War below! 

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