Maryland Deathfest is happening right now, and apparently one of their security guards has taken a stance against racism.

At the festival's pre-show on May 22, an attendee was allegedly kicked out of the venue for wearing a vest with a patch from black metal band Goatmoon.

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A friend of the ejected fan posted his side of what happened which you can read below.

"So yesterday was the prefest at Maryland Deathfest in which naglfar headlines. I didn’t go but my buddies went. Apparently a quarter through the set a security guard taps my buddy on the shoulder and asks him to come talk with him. They get to the door and the security guard goes “you know that bands really racist right?” While pointing to the goat moon patch on my friends vest then he tells my friend that either the vest leaves or leaves and proceeds to kick him out of the show."

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Apparently, he "wasn’t being belligerent or causing any harm to anyone at the show at all, he doesn’t even mosh."

The fan's friend tried to defend the decision to wear the patch, saying "whether or not you agree with the politics" of the band "it is totally inappropriate to bar a paying patron from your concert just because he has a patch of a band on his vest that you don’t agree with."

Another attendee says they didn't see what happened inside but viewed the entire exchange outside the venue. He claims the security guard was telling the man “All you had to do was take the vest off,” while the fan continued yelling that he paid for his ticket.

Most reasonable people would understand supporting neo-nazis by wearing their merchandise is a dumb move, but apparently, this guy doesn't get it. If anyone knows who the security guard was, we highly encourage giving him a high five.

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