Just in time for Halloween, Matt Cutshall has released a new Twilight-inspired video, “felt emo again might delete.” The visual is set to the classic scene anthem “Situations” by Escape The Fate.

Cutshall has a long-running passion for emo—and a music career dating back to his former band It Boys!. With his new project Emo’s Not Dead, Cutshall fully showcases his love of scene culture.

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The latest video references the Twilight franchise, a fan favorite for many of us with emo roots. The visual recreates the recognizable moment where the Cullen family plays a vampirically enhanced game of baseball. The cherry on top is when the cast pays homage to the first meeting between Bella and the Cullen family, where Alice comments “Bella and I are going to be great friends.”

Like many of Cutshall’s other projects, the new “felt emo again might delete” features a number of cameos. Actor and TV host Arielle Vandenberg and actor Derek Theler appear in the visual. Additionally, original Twilight cast members Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) reprise their roles together for the first time since the films.

For the past two years, Cutshall has merged his humorous form of self-parody with an advocacy for all things emo. Through song-length videos and shorts posted to his Instagram, Cutshall has released dozens of tributes to emo culture.

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His music reflects key elements of the style in a way that showcases his knowledge of the genre. His visuals also reflect his investment in that world, as does his domain and merch line, Emo’s Not Dead.

That kind of messaging has been woven through a number of other projects dating back to 2019. Most recently, Cutshall released “Tommy’s Face” in September under the name Your Broken Hero, featuring Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath. The track smoothly blends signature elements of alternative rock, including great pop-punk riffing, alternating vocals that hark back to 2000s screamo and a shout-along chorus to close out the song.

The video for the track underscores the song’s familiar emo message, as does a comedic vignette where Cutshall talks to someone who he believes to be his high school love. “Becky, wait! Do you still think about us?” he asks. The question provokes the response: “Dude, we kissed once in high school, and it was spin the bottle.” The video also contains a nice hint for the latest project, where Cutshall is seen reading Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

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In May, Cutshall released another comedic video, another entry in his “felt emo again might delete” series. Set over Simple Plan’s “I’d Do Anything,” the video features cameos from the band’s vocalist and bassist Pierre Bouvier, pro skater Tony Hawk and Vandenberg. During the visual, Cutshall suddenly knows how to skateboard, surprising Vandenberg. Later, the couple hangs out together at a skate park until Bouvier, who plays the role of Hawk’s father, arrives to watch his “son” show off his skills.

You can watch the video for “felt emo again might delete” here or below!