Matt Pryor

Wrist Slitter

Matt Pryor’s creative output throughout the past decade has been spotty at best—the New Amsterdams have been hit-and-miss, and his previous solo albums were enjoyable but reserved. Wrist Slitter is the first time the Get Up Kids frontman has really rocked since that band’s 1999 watershed Something To Write Home About, with songs like “Kinda Go To Pieces” and “Won’t Speak To Me” having an infectious, youthful energy. That vibe continues with “Before My Tongue Becomes A Sword,” a peppy duet between Pryor and Saves The Day’s Chris Conley (and featuring an acoustic preamble from Braid’s Bob Nanna) with a sound so classic, it could’ve been performed on 2001’s Vagrant America tour. There are brief asides with folk music (the title track, “As Perfect As We’ll Ever Be”) but for the most part, Wrist Slitter is Matt Pryor learning how to kick ass again. 

Rory/Equal Vision

“Kinda Go To Pieces”