Before the Fyre Festival debacle fell into total chaos, Blink-182, who were set to headline, pulled out of the festival.

In a tweet, the band said they were not confident there would be adequate resources to provide fans with a quality performance.

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In a new interview with TMZ, Matt Skiba reveals more about Blink-182's decision, (via Loudwire).

"We were only pulling out because we were getting the feeling that it didn’t have enough of our stage that we needed to put on the show we have," he says. "We’re on tour right now, and we have a production that we bring with us, and they weren’t able to facilitate the show that we put on, so we were just like, ‘We can’t play the show.’

"The rest of it all was happenstance," he continues. "I think we got a lot lucky. I'm sorry to all the people that got screwed and ripped off and marooned on there.

"When I flew home and was sitting on my couch and saw these people steal mattresses from people, and it turned into 'Lord Of The Entitled Flies,'" he adds. "I was just like, 'No, I'm good.'"

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Skiba ends by apologizing to Blink-182 fans who may have traveled for the festival.

"The Blink fans that came down, I'm so sorry to you guys," he says. "We have a job because you guys come out and listen to our band, and it was a relief to be home, but I also felt guilty. There's people down there drinking warm vodka and eating bologna sandwiches in a mud pit. I'm sorry."

The Fyre Festival organizers, rapper Ja Rule and his tech partner Billy McFarland, were since slammed with a $100 million lawsuit.

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5/2 - Pensacola, FL @ Pensacola Bay Center

5/3 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Pavilion

5/4 - Orlando, FL @ Orlando Fairgrounds

5/9 - New Orleans, LA @ UNO Lakefront Arena

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