In an interview with Music Radar, Matt Skiba opens up about his musical background, writing for California—and what made him want to join Blink-182 in the first place.

“The thing that sold me on it was Travis [Barker] and Mark’s [Hoppus] certainty that I was the right fit,” Barker tells the news source. “When they asked me, I thought that if those guys thought I could do it then I would do it. I didn’t know what the fans were going to say.”

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He explains further that he had thought about what fans would say in response to his addition to the band, and he knew things would change. But with Barker and Hoppus' support, he knew it would be the right decison.

“But it was an easy transition in the same way that when Trio makes a new record, at some point you want to keep the fans in mind but you also want to make something that means something to you. This new situation, it seems, thinking back, that a lot has transpired, and a lot has—my life has changed completely, but at the same time it is familiar.”

And he explains that being in Blink-182 isn’t much different than what he’s done before with Alkaline Trio—it’s just on a different scale with different people. He explains that there were moments of “terror and panic,” but that’s normal with any transition. 

He tells Music Radar just how lucky he is to have found two great bands to work with, and no matter who he's working with, he just wants to create the best music he can.

“I’m not doing something I haven’t ever done before; it's just on a different scale and with different guys. I’m really lucky that lightning struck twice in my life," Skiba tells Music Radar. "When all is said and done, it was a pretty easy transition. Yes, there were moments of total terror and panic, but that’s life. That’s just wanting to do a great job.”

He talks further about his writing process and how he writes for both Alkaline Trio and Blink-182, saying that for Trio, “I just write whatever I want.” But for Blink, he said that it’s been fun coming in as “the new guy.” 

“I can think as a fan and also as a member of the band,” Skiba explains. “I don’t want to speak for Mark or Travis, but I think we made a great record together so something is working.”

And we can only agree! Blink-182 are currently touring the UK. Check out the cities and dates below.

Blink-182 tour dates:

07/07 - Birmingham, England @ Barclaycard Arena

07/09 - Newcastle, England @ Metro Radio Arena

07/11 - Glasgow, Scotland @ SSE Hydro

07/12 - Aberdeen, Scotland @ GE Oil & Gas Arena

07/14 - Manchester, England @ Castlefield Bowl

07/15 - Liverpool, England @ Echo Arena

07/17 - Bournemouth, England @ Int Centre

07/19 - London, England @ O2 Arena

07/20 - London, England @ O2 Arena

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