MAX just unveiled another amazing love song “Acid Dreams” in honor of his wife that will definitely make you get off your feet. 

The new song premiered exclusively on NYLON, which also spoke to mAX about his music and the new record. 

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"When you really connect with someone it's almost as if you melt into them and they melt into you. It's terrifying and incredible all at once," MAX said about his wife. 

He also discussed his unconventional process for making the song. 

"My partner Ryan from Party Pupils sent me this beat while I was very high on legal marijuana with my wife chilling with my dog. I was immediately inspired and wrote all of my verses right in front of her about her, which I had never done before. Definitely bring me back to my funk and soul roots,” he said. 

The song is not only catchy and extremely danceable, but it also is a romantic profession about loving someone for everything they are. You can listen to it here

A few months back, MAX shared a colorful music video for his single, “Love Me Less” featuring Quinn XCII. 

 “It’s always had a very raw and important message to me, and having Quinn XCII join to make it even more special has been so exciting,” he says about the track. “I’m so excited to release this evolution in my sound and introduce a bright, electrifying new yellow era; it is the raw and honest follow-up of how love unfolds after ‘Lights Down Low.’”

Speaking of “Lights Down Low,” you can see that video and the video for “Love Me Less” below. 

What do you think of the new song by MAX? Sound off in the comments down below!

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