MAX has joined forces with Ali Gatie to renew his marriage vows with his wife in his latest single, “Butterflies.”

The song is a sequel to MAX’s “Lights Down Low,” which he actually used to propose to his wife, Emily, in 2016.

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Backed by mellow instrumentals, the vocals are what really shine through on “Butterflies.” The smooth stylings of MAX’s voice combined with Gatie’s vocals further add to the song's peaceful feel.

You can check out the song below.

If the title “Butterflies” sounds familiar, it's probably because MAX has been teasing it for a while now. At the end of April, he tweeted a series of pictures from inside the studio with the caption “ALBUM 3.” Then, he teased fans again with a photo of him and Gatie, asking them to reply with a butterfly emoji if they wanted to hear “Butterflies” this month. 

After endlessly posting butterfly emojis, new photos and more, MAX finally shared an official teaser for the music video earlier this week. Not only is his wife in the video, but the couple’s baby also makes an appearance. The 15-second teaser shows that the video mirrors the happy and glowing vibes of the song with a warm color palette, orange outfits and rainbows. At the end, MAX even puts a butterfly necklace around his wife’s neck.

MAX is well-versed in writing passionate love songs about his wife. In 2019, he shared “Acid Dreams,” a song that pays tribute to Emily.

“When you really connect with someone, it’s almost as if you melt into them, and they melt into you,” he said about his wife. “It’s terrifying and incredible all at once.”

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After getting his start in music as an understudy on Broadway, MAX wrote songs for Disney Channel shows and even starred in a few Nickelodeon television shows and movies. He released “Mug Shot,” his first single under the name MAX, in 2014. Soon after, he was touring with various artists, including Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa and Hoodie Allen. He was also featured in two tracks on Allen’s debut album, People Keep Talking: “Won’t Mind” and “Against Me.”

The “Butterflies” collab with Gatie is the latest in a long list of artists MAX has worked with on his own original songs. Just on his 2020 album, Colour Vision, alone, there are features from artists such as Quinn XCII, Hayley Kiyoko and SUGA from BTS.

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