With the release of their latest album, Black Lines, Mayday Parade set out as the headliners of the AP Tour with plans to showcase the most impressive stage production of their career this far. But along the way, they’ve run into some interesting antics while touring.

“We wanted to take a step with our production because it was the right thing to do at the right time,” says drummer Jake Bundrick. “I honestly couldn’t tell you what it looks like, because I sit behind everything every night. But I know it looks really good from all the videos that I’ve seen.

The new set has three LED panels that form the black lines shown on their new album artwork and more “mover” lights around the stage.

The guys are starting to settle into their routine for this tour, including vocalist Derek Sanders usual shoeless-performances. But lately, Sanders is getting worried that it might be getting too cold.

"It’s been getting kind of cold and I’ve been thinking about wearing shoes on stage. But I can’t find them and I only brought the one pair,” says Sanders.

Stay tuned to APTV for more AP Tour updates and stay up-to-date on the quest for Derek Sander’s missing shoes. — Jake Hanson


Director/Producer: Cassie Whitt

Videographer/Editor: Bobby Makar



11/12  House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

11/13  SOMA - San Diego, CA

11/14  Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ

11/15  Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

11/17  The Aztec Theatre - San Antonio, TX

11/18  House of Blues - Houston, TX

11/20  House of Blues - Dallas, TX

11/21  Emo’s - Austin, TX

11/22  House of Blues - New Orleans, LA

11/24  The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

11/25  House of Blues - Orlando, FL