Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster vocalist and original Underoath frontman Dallas Taylor has given a health update following serious injuries he sustained as a result of an ATV accident in August 2016.

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At the time of the crash, the Florida Highway Patrol found the four-wheeler on top of Dallas. Local news station WCJB reported that Taylor’s injuries were life threatening, with a severe brain injury and trauma to the carotid artery.

He captioned his newest update, a message from Taylor's mother shared by Taylor himself, with: "Another update on me from my mother. She says it be better. #healing #thankgodformoms."

Taylor's mother explains he'll face further tests and surgeries, including eye surgery, almost two years following his accident.

Read the update in full below:

This is an update on Dallas. Dallas went to see the endocrinologist a couple of weeks ago, and they had him go get a bunch of blood work. They called and said that his adrenal gland is not working right and is extremely low, which is why he feels like he has the flu all the time and has bad pain all the time and no energy. [It's] hard for him to get out of bed. He also has thyroid problems. He is going to have some real in depth tests at Shands Hospital. This will help them find out how to treat him.

He is also having eye surgery at Bascom Palmer eye institute in Miami April 10. We will be there for about four days. He is a little nervous about the surgery, but we are putting it in God's hands. He is blind in the left eye, and the right eye is paralyzed and stays looking at his nose. His right carotid artery is 100 percent blocked, which supplies blood to his right eye, but he is getting blood from the left carotid artery, but it is still something to be concerned about.

It will be two years in August since his accident. He hasn't worked in all this time and still can't drive. 

Thanks for all the prayers and financial support which has meant so much to him.

Taylor shared a health update last February, saying that his jaw was still messed up and he lacked feeling on the right side of his face due to a stroke. However, he explained that he was remaining in positive spirits due to his faith.

“I write all this to say I'm thankful for these times I'm able to focus on myself and becoming a better man,” Taylor says in his Facebook update. “I believe that everything happens for a reason and what doesn't destroy you only makes you stronger.”

You can continue to support Taylor's GoFundMe here.

AltPress sends our well wishes for his continued recovery.