[Photo by: Brian Kovac]

Cleveland rock band McCafferty are releasing an exclusive stream of their new EP Thanks. Sorry. Sure. out June 30.

Listen to the new tracks below, which can be pre-ordered here.

The band told AP this album showcases their growing musicianship as well as signaling to their fans they’re not going anywhere.

"We wanted this EP to let people know we are here to stay in a major way," they said. "It's a perfect transition into becoming full-time musicians—showcasing a transition into our own sound and giving fans a variety of sounds to look forward to on our LP." 

McCafferty also thanked their fans,  adding as they "continue to grow and develop,” everyone listening to their music has "changed our lives."

Look for them on their upcoming tour with Remo Drive and don’t forget to find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the band’s official website

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