Let’s be real: McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken most, if not all, the time. And our life might have gotten a little bit easier, thanks to the new app Ice Check. The app will check if an ice cream machine is shut down near you, saving you a trip out—and serious disappointment.

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So, how does it work? Using your phone’s GPS and input from other users, you can locate a nearby McDonald's and see whether their ice cream machine is “ON” or “OFF.” And, as Bustle explains, if the machine is working, the location will appear pink in the app, and if it’s shut down, it’s grey.

Because it’s user-driven, that means it does have its downfalls. For example, if no one reports that the machine is down, then it won’t appear as shut down on your app. However, if you’re the one reporting the fact that it’s broken, you might just end up making someone’s day.

See the interface below!

You can download the app here—BRB as we go try to get ourself an ice cream cone at McDonald’s. Will you be giving this app a try? Sound off in the comments below!