In a recent interview with the Guardian, Gerard Way opened up about My Chemical Romance’s breakup. Additionally, Way analyzed the possibility of a reunion in today's political climate.

Despite frequent rumors of a reunion tour, Gerard Way just doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. However, the Umbrella Academy creator admits that “it definitely came into [his] head.”

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In talking about the current president of the United States and overall political climate, Way recognizes that the world needs something to help drag people out of the depths of this raging dumpster fire.

“That’s the stuff I thought about when the world started to get super fucked up again,” Way says. “It definitely came into my head, but I’d changed so much as a person. I didn’t know how I’d fit into it anymore, I didn’t know how the band would fit into it anymore. But you’re right, the world is definitely in need of something positive.”

Additionally, Way says that the band get frequent offers to reunite. However, it didn’t take Way long to crush any hope of a reunion, at least anytime soon.

“We definitely get offers regularly to reunite — it’s a constant thing. It’s flattering, it’s really nice of people. I miss playing with the guys, but I don’t think so.”

Way then relates talks of a reunion to the reason that they broke up in the first place. Frequently referencing “the machine,” Way makes sure people know that if the band were to ever come back, they wouldn’t be a cog in it.

“When things start to succeed and go really well, that’s when a lot of people start to have an opinion and that’s when you run into struggle,” Way says. “Everybody had a fucking opinion about what MCR should be. So it made it difficult to figure out what direction to take next. You get caught up in this trap of ‘Is it ever gonna be good enough? It wasn’t fun to make stuff anymore. I think breaking up the band broke us out of that machine.”

“I think if we ever did MCR again, we wouldn’t be in that machine anymore,” Way continues. “It would literally just be like: ‘Here’s a new piece of music, we’re putting this out and that’s it, this is not up for debate.’”

Recently, Way released an incredible cover of “Happy Together” with former MCR bandmate Ray Toro. The cover comes as a part of the Umbrella Academy soundtrack. Additionally, last month, Way and Toro covered Simon and Garfunkel’s “A Hazy Shade Of Winter” for the Netflix series. Listen to “Happy Together” below.

The Umbrella Academy will hit Netflix Feb. 15, 2019.

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