Some people let daily horoscopes run their lives; others rely on Myers-Briggs. However, we at AltPress trust My Chemical Romance to do it instead. With that being said, there is a My Chem song for everyone.

Between the over-the-top bangers on The Black Parade and the angsty, punching bops on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, MCR were (and still are) a band who can read emotion unlike any other. Check out which My Chem song thematically aligns with your Myers-Briggs personality quiz results below!

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INTJ — “Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us”

As an INTJ, you are constantly seeking self-improvement. You are motivated and hardworking, but sometimes you overanalyze things. You are a leader, but often have trouble finding balance. “Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us” is a bitter, self-reflective track that absolutely shreds.

INTP — “I Don’t Love You”

INTPs are notoriously honest and straightforward, and nothing is more honest and straightforward than telling somebody you don’t love them anymore. (Ouch.) Because of this, INTPs can second-guess themselves and be a little insensitive. Just like you, this MCR banger can rip your heart out.

ENTJ — “Welcome To The Black Parade”

“Welcome To The Black Parade” is highly regarded as one of the most motivating My Chem songs of all time. As an ENTJ, you are strong-willed and inspiring.

ENTP — “Teenagers”

What can we say, ENTP? You love to raise hell. You are charismatic and energetic. On the flip side, you can be intolerant and argumentative. Just like “Teenagers,” you are bold, ambitious and aggressive.

INFJ — “Disenchanted”

INFJs are known to be creative and altruistic. Despite being at the height of their career with The Black Parade, MCR realized their reason for continuing to make music was slowly diminishing in “Disenchanted.” Just like My Chem’s intrinsic ode to self-worth, INFJs need a cause—without one, they can burn out.

INFP — “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”

INFPs are very sensitive and can often build a wall around their emotions, making it very hard for others to get to know them. Just like “I’m Not Okay,” you may be a little too idealistic and find yourself getting stuck in the past. However, you are passionate and energetic, reminiscent of this Three Cheers anthem.

ENFJ — “Famous Last Words”

ENFJs are natural-born leaders. You want to make progress for yourself as well as others around you. Your self-esteem may be wavering, but you are not afraid to keep pushing through, just like this MCR track.


Known for changing the world, ENFPs are vibrant and motivating. They are loved by many and can naturally make people want to put their best foot forward. “SING” shares many of the same characteristics, such as being a voice for those who may not be loud enough.

ISTJ — “Helena (So Long & Goodnight)”

“Helena” is an all-around favorite about feeling guilty for something you have no control over. A significant characteristic of an ISTJ is that they often take too much of the blame. However, ISTJs are also strong-willed and responsible.

ISFJ — “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”

As a protector and defender, “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” reflects the antics of an ISFJ perfectly.

ESTJ — “Thank You For The Venom”

“Thank You For The Venom” is a grounded, resistant and overall badass track. You take other people’s concerns into consideration, but it is unlikely that your stance will change. ESTJs can also be a little judgmental; however, that is often just a result of their honesty.

ESFJ — “The Ghost Of You”

ESFJs are loyal and dedicated but can also be a bit needy and over the top. “The Ghost Of You” is a heartbreaking yet selfless track. Just like “The Ghost Of You,” you are very transparent about your emotions.

ISTP — “House Of Wolves”

“House Of Wolves” is slick, mocking and a bit cynical. ISTPs can be easily bored, thus they often stir the pot. They are spontaneous, energetic and great in crisis situations. “House Of Wolves” is angsty yet relaxed, just like an ISTP.

ISFP — “Na Na Na [Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na]”

ISFPs are often adventurous and curious, but can also be independent to a fault and unpredictable. “Na Na Na” is a quick, energetic song that reflects your “live life to the fullest” attitude.

ESTP — “It’s Not A Fashion Statement It’s A Deathwish”

ESTPs love to live life on the edge. You love risk and and can be a bit impatient, just like this bop.

ESFP — “Mama”

As one of the most over-the-top MCR tracks, “Mama” is theatrical, loud and full of angst. ESFPs are bold and entertaining, just like this Black Parade ode.