Mean Jeans, the Portland, Oregon-based trio who love the Ramones a bit more unhealthily than most of us do, have returned with a fourth helping of punk-rock goodness. Gigantic Sike, their second studio album for Fat Wreck Chords, is all about the futility of life and how we shouldn’t take it seriously because we’ll never get out of it alive.

But don’t take our word for it: You can figure it out for yourself because we’re streaming all 1,155 seconds of Gigantic Sike prior to its official release this Friday. It’s a pretty great follow-up to last year’s Jingles Collection, only this time the Jeans are just trying to sell you a soundtrack to your best night out.

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But that’s not all: We had guitarist/vocalist Billy Jeans walk us through Gigantic Sike’s 11 tracks of buzzsaw guitars played quite loudly at the First Church Of DGAF. One listen and you will not only be mentally prepared to take on the day, but you’ll be glad life has given you more opportunities than these guys. 

Check out the full stream of Gigantic Sike with the track by track below.

1. “Party Line”
This is basically a jingle for my cellphone number—that nobody’s been calling since we turned 30. If you’re trying to kick it, hit the party line!

2. “Basement Animal”
A theme song for anybody who has isolated themselves from society and mutated into a dysfunctional twistoid. Plus, it’s got our first punk beat.

3. “Just A Trim (Don’t Buzz Me Alright)”
Songwriting credit should probably be shared with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. The title’s taken from a Garth line in Wayne’s World when the Suck Cut is cropping his hair. Society is the Suck Cut, and we are Garth.

4. “One More Before We Go”
When it’s time to go, but maybe there’s time for just one more (Jäger bomb)?

5. “Stuck In A Head”
The song can only be explained by itself: “Stuck in a head/How’d I end up this way?/Ding dang dude/I don’t know what to say.”

6. “Buddy’s Leaving”
Tirelessly composed to capture the feeling of when your pet gremlin breaks out of his cage and is gone for good.

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7. “I Fell Into A Bog”
True story. One night in Florida during the Fest, Jeans Wilder wandered off into the darkness and couldn’t be found until the next day. When we caught up with him, the details were fuzzy, but his clothes were soaked, and he had most certainly fallen into a bog. Classic Florida shit.

8. “What The Fuck Is Up Tonight?”
When you know it’s about time to get your shit together and figure out your life, but it’s not gonna happen today, so who’s partying tonight? Why put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after that?

9. “Turning Green”
When you look in the mirror after a decade of partying and it hits you.

10. “Blackout Magazine”
When you don’t know what happened last night. Look it up in Blackout Magazine.

11. “Time Warp”
That feeling that everything you’ve done so far in life was a big goof, but maybe you can start all over again. Chalk it up to a whoopsie-daisy. A gigantic sike. With some fun Yamaha CS-5 all over it.

Gigantic Sike drops Aug. 30 via Fat Wreck Chords, and you can preorder it here. And if your device can’t get loud enough (go 100db or go home, we say) for you to witness the planet crumble, hunt Mean Jeans down when they embark on the Fat tour alongside Teenage Bottlerocket, Clowns and Jenpop. Because punk rock is great, and there’s nothing left for you to binge-watch, you effin’ kitten.


08/27 – Portland, OR @ Lay Low Tavern
08/28 – Sacramento, CA @ The Blue Lamp
08/29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Monty Bar (w/ NO WIN, Colleen Green)
08/30 – Long Beach, CA, @ Alex's Bar*
08/31 – Tempe, AZ, CA @ Pub Rock Live*
09/02 – Harlingen, TX @ Hop Shop*
09/03 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall*
09/04 – San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger*
09/05 – Austin, TX @ Barracuda*
09/06 – Fort Worth, TX @ MASS*
09/07 – Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th St*
09/08 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room*
09/09 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar*
09/10 – Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge*
09/11 – Green Bay, WI @ Lyric Room*
09/12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Company Brewing*
09/13 – Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Club*
* with Teenage Bottlerocket, Clowns and Jenpop