From Harry Potter to Beauty And The Beast, Storybook Cosmetics have given us some of the best themed palettes on the market today. They're back at it again with an official Burn Book that we’re just dying to get our hands on for all those Regina George-vibes.

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The Storybook Cosmetics team hasn’t shared much about their fall collection that they teamed up with Mean Girls for, but they do say on their site that “on Wednesdays we wear Storybook Cosmetics,” and with a palette as fetch as this, we couldn’t agree more.

This isn't even the first Mean Girls beauty themed set to be released. Earlier this year, beauty brand Spectrum releasedMean Girls range containing a variety of high-end professional brushes and even a Burn Book brush holder.

Storybook Cosmetics' new palette will officially be released Nov. 1, and we’ll likely have this movie on repeat until its release. Or maybe we’ll continue to watch this clip of Fall Out Boy in Mean Girls… Well, with pasted cutouts of their faces on top of the original actors'. We promise it’s as hilarious as it sounds.

Will you be picking up a fetch Mean Girls palette? (Promise we’ll stop trying to make “fetch” happen after this reference…) Let us know in the comments below!