Meet Me @ The Altar are pop punk’s bright future. Their new debut album, Past // Present // Future, is the result of their ambition, perseverance, and ability to see the world in an optimistic light. By working with producer John Fields (Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato), however, the trio homed in on their love of Disney (pay special attention to closer “King of Everything,” which pulls inspo from the fictional band Pink Slip from the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday) and radio rock.

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Below, the pop-punk trio break down every song on their new album.

“Say It (To My Face)”

Say It (To My Face)” is our diss track to those keyboard warriors that love to say mean things behind a computer screen but aren't confident enough to say it to our face. 


“Try” is about the obstacles we as people experience in everyday life. You can’t let those things stop you! Obstacles in life are never a reason to not give something a shot. At least try! 


You ever had a crush? “Kool” is an awesome, fun, flirty song about just that. Not every song has to be about being in love. What about the fun stuff? 


Everybody deals with insecurities, but not everybody wants to talk about them. “TMI” is about the relief someone could feel if they finally talk about the negative feelings they keep inside. Moral of the story: People shouldn’t feel like they can share “Too Much Information.” We are all humans, as we all feel. It’s OK to speak about the deep stuff. 

“Same Language”

We’ve definitely all had conversations with people where it feels like you’re talking to a brick wall. It’s so counterproductive trying to talk to someone when it goes in one ear and out the other, and “Same Language” is about saying goodbye and not wasting your breath on those people anymore.

“A Few Tomorrows”

The ballad of the album is open to interpretation. [It’s] essentially about missing someone but making sure they know that you’ll see them again, whether it be later in time or in the afterlife. It’s easier to deal with the pain of loss when you treat the day as one step closer to being reunited.

“Need Me”

This track is about having the courage to acknowledge that a relationship is no longer serving you and having the self-worth to step away when things turn bad. Back-and-forth relationships rarely work, and it’s better to just move on than hold each other back.

“It’s Over For Me”

This is a good old-fashion breakup song. Every artist needs one, right? If you’re angry and recently had your heart broken, this song is for you. Its fast pace will help you get all your anger out.

“Thx 4 Nothin’”

This song is our little petty anthem. It’s the most pop song on the record, and it’s such a jam. Dancey guitar riffs and four-on-the-floor kick pattern? Chef’s kiss. This song was written about someone who doubted us and didn’t give us the time of day. We ended up reaching where we are today without that person’s help — so thanks for nothing, loser.

“Rocket Science”

“Rocket Science” is like a big warm hug. It's a message that a lot of people need to hear. Achieving your dreams is a lot easier than you’d expect! It’s all about just getting out there and putting your foot through the door. As the song says, it isn’t rocket science! Life isn’t meant to be so hard. This track is very melodic and catchy and easily could’ve been in a coming-of-age Disney film from the early 2000s.

“King of Everything” 

Our album closer. It’s loud and in your face with an amazing bassline. It’s a song about things not going your way and feeling fed up about it. You ever stub your toe and suddenly it feels like the world is ending? You ever get a flat tire right when you need to be somewhere? This song is about that feeling.

Meet Me @ The Altar appear in Alternative Press' spring 2023 issue. Grab a copy here or below.