Netflix has introduced fans to seven new characters from The Umbrella Academy season 3, coming out later this year. The platform teased the members of the Sparrow Academy in a series of cryptic tweets.

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The seven new characters include Marcus, Ben, Fei, Alphonso, Sloane, Jayme and Christopher Hargreeves. All are versions of members of The Umbrella Academy from different timelines and make up the mysterious Sparrow Academy.

The Umbrella Academy's Twitter added a little insight into all of the characters, saying Marcus, "thinks he's soooooo tough," Ben, "has a real attitude problem but we're working on it," and Fei, "literally hangs with birds???" They also call Alphonso a "bully," claim Sloane "thinks she's totally above us" and admit Jayme "drives us MAD." Finally, they say Christopher is a "total square." Given that the photo is of... well, a literal square, it's quite hard to argue with the comment.

Steve Blackman, the Umbrella Academy showrunner, says the new season is "wilder, bigger, zanier" than ever, according to Games Radar.

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