Welcome to our Summer Breakout series with APTV's Nick Major. Every week in August we will be bringing you a profile of a band who made it big this summer. Stay tuned! 

Even if you don't know Bebe Rexha, you probably know Bebe Rexha: The pop songstress wrote and sang the chorus on the Nicki Minaj/David Guetta hit "Hey Mama," and the hook from "The Monster" by Eminem and Rihanna comes from her original song "Monster Under My Bed." 

In the tradition of Katy Perry, Bebe took to Warped Tour this summer to give the tour some pop flavor, and she says her style has been well received. "They actually are very welcoming to me, and the crowds have been insane, so I'm really surprised," says Rexha. 

This has definitely been the breakout summer for Rexha–after a successful stint on Warped, she'll finish up her debut album then open for Nick Jonas on his headlining tour. "He asked me personally, which is cool," Rexha adds.
Although Bebe Rexha is getting attention for her quintessentially-pop songwriting, that wasn't always the case. Armed with a killer voice, Bebe just wanted to perform. "I was always super impatient and never wanted to be a writer, I hated writing. I just wanted to be pop star," says Rexha. 
After 10 years of hard work, including country songwriting classes, working with Lady Gaga and Kesha's producers, and spending a summer on Warped, Bebe's finally getting the break she deserves.
Check out the video to hear more about how she made it from her dad's basement to the national stage, and what's next for the up-and-comer.



Video/Interview: Nick Major instagram