Melanie Martinez has begun teasing a new album and era titled “K-12.” In a brand-new short video teasing what is to come, Martinez can be seen entering an eerie, pastel classroom. On Instagram, the teaser was accompanied by the caption, "When the bell rings, you must be in your assigned seat..."

Additionally, Martinez seems to have changed the layout of her website. Now, when fans go to her homepage, a large building appears as a pink school bus drives across the lower left-hand corner of the screen. From there, fans can enter the site and either watch the trailer or listen to her music.

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Since its release, fans believe the short video and reconstructed website may have something to do with a film and concept album that the artist teased back in 2017. As previously reported, Martinez said the project was still on after two years of silence.  

Been dying to give you all an Album/Movie update but wanted to wait until I was sure the film would be done in time,” Martinez said in an Instagram post back in February. “The album has been done for like 2 years now I’ve just been waiting to finish up the movie. Some of you keep asking when singles are going to drop and the answer is they’re not. I’m putting out a concept album and an hour and a half long movie. Still has to go through VFX, Sound and Color for the next few months then a couple [of] months of waiting and preparing that I have no control over. So it’s safe to say it’ll come out END OF SUMMER. Sending love, Can’t wait till you all can see/hear what I’ve been workin’ real hard on for the past 3 years!”

Additionally, Melanie Martinez confirmed the combination in an interview with Billboard that same year.

“It’s all of the videos together of the next record, all thirteen, with dialogue and whatnot in between connecting all of them together," Martinez said. "And I’m directing it and writing it and styling it and doing the makeup.”

You can watch the teaser for the potential new era below.

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Additionally, just an hour ago, Martinez revealed the album cover for K-12. The cover emulates the aesthetic of Marinez's new website. You can check that out below.


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