Alice In Chains fans are being treated to another stacked cover this week.

This time around, members of Sum 41, CKY and Beasto Blanco among others have come together to give "Would?" a 2021 update.

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All the way back in 1992, Alice In Chains released their classic album Dirt. The nearly thirty-year-old LP includes hits such as "Rooster," "Them Bones" and, of course, "Would?." Now, "Would?" is getting a little bit of a rock update in a stacked new cover.

Recently, Sum 41's Dave Brownsound, CKY's Jess Margera, Beasto Blanco's Chuck Garric and Jean Genus, bassist for Hank Von Hell, joined forces to pay tribute to Alice In Chains. Together, the musicians reimagined "Would?" in a powerful new cover.

The video opens up with Genus playing the distinct "Would?" bassline. From there, Brownsound incorporates the track's iconic guitar riffs before they all join in on the song's vocal hook. Throughout the cover, Margera's explosive drum beats help bring the Alice In Chains classic to life. Meanwhile, Garric takes on Layne Staley's vocals while giving it his own signature twist.

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Of course, due to the COVID-19 crisis, all of the musicians recorded their parts within the safety of their homes. However, Garric can be seen walking through the snow in multiple parts of the video. Nevertheless, this cover helps honor Alice In Chains' decades-spanning career while giving "Would?" a 2021 spin.

Overall, the song's composition allows for each musician's signature sound and artistry to really shine through. Ultimately, both Alice In Chains fans and listeners of the bands represented in this cover will be pleased with the new take on the 1992 classic.

What are your reactions to this new Alice In Chains cover? Let us know in the comments below.