Everyone loves a good dad hat, wall flag or hoodie to show off the love for your favorite bands, but there are some artists who just won't settle for a simple T-shirt design.

Here are 14 merch items that went a little too far.

[WARNING: Some of the following items contain mature content]

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1. KISS casket/urn
Kiss Kasket

[Photo by: everythingkiss.com][/caption]
For the low price of $3,000, KISS fans can spend an eternity in what might be the most outrageous piece of KISS merchandise out there.

2. Pantera stroller
Pantera Stroller

[Photo by: Pantera Official Store][/caption]
Force your love of Pantera onto your child before they have the chance to disagree with your music choices! This bad boy is rain-resistant AND has a universal cupholder, which makes it perfect for festival season.

3. Spinal Tap colander
Spinal Tap Colander

[Photo by: WorthPoint][/caption]
Fans who thought they were getting a Spinal Tap calendar were more than confused when they received a colander instead. The item came with a note that stated, "An irregularity in order fulfillment led to the production of colanders instead of calendars. We hope you find the enclosed item useful."

4. Tenacious D rag
Tenacious D Rag

[Photo by: Amazon][/caption]
The item description states the rag is the size of a golf towel...but it's not a golf towel.

5. Mastodon "Asstodon" shorts
Mastodon Asstodon shorts

[Photo by: Rockabilia][/caption]
Everyone enjoys a good pun, right?

6. U2 condoms
U2 Tour Condoms

[photo by: Ebay][/caption]
U2 decided to play it safe with their ZooTV, Zooropa and Pop tour souvenirs.

7. Weezer Snuggie

Honestly, we think more bands should offer Snuggies with preorders. We'd collect that shit like we collect snapbacks.