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HE Creative and 0xNoFace are making an inclusive NFT space with goth gfs

The duo announced the new project, emphasizing the need for spaces that support marginalized voices in the NFT world.

October 22, 2021
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HE Creative and 0xNoFace have developed a new NFT project, goth gfs.

NFTs have the capability to provide an alternative. They not only are changing how we make and consume art; they are also offering an inclusive platform for people who can be marginalized in traditional art spaces.

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goth gfs by HE Creative and 0xNoFace

[Image via HE Creative]

Online spaces rooted in NFTs can afford marginalized artists the comfort of anonymity. Especially on accessible blockchains such as Solana and Tezos—where environmental impacts and costs are negligible—many diverse communities are finding their audiences just as the early days of the internet offered a space for alternative culture to thrive.

Enter goth gfs, available via Solana. The new NFT line creates a space for alternative culture within the new “metaverse” of intangible surreal estate, a Hot Topic for the mall of the internet.

goth gfs by HE Creative and 0xNoFace

[Image via HE Creative]

The new project is the work of artist HE Creative, who has also worked on Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbats NFT collection, and NFT creator 0xNoFace. The collaborators have dedicated themselves to connecting the worlds of NFT and crypto with the wider alternative audience.

0xNoFace previewed the new project and the vision behind it.

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“Sooner or later, cryptocurrencies and NFTs will break the negative narratives that follow us around and become mainstream,” 0xNoFace says. “You already have bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Good Charlotte really embracing NFTs and web3 culture. It’s a natural fit that a lot of people can’t see at the minute.”

goth gfs by HE Creative and 0xNoFace

[Image via HE Creative]

The artist also framed the importance of NFTs for the broader culture and the alternative world.

“NFTs can provide value way beyond owning a print or a digital file,” 0xNoFace continues. “They are verified and can be used as tickets, access passes to VIP events and are already being used to nurture communities online. These things already exist within the alternative space, which has such a tight-knit community. NFTs can essentially act as a AAA pass to fan club membership with amazing opportunities.”

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goth gfs by HE Creative and 0xNoFace

[Image via HE Creative]

Collectibles and rare items are nothing new to alternative culture. The resurgence of vinyl in the last 10 years attests to people’s desire to collect something tangible. Our lives are becoming even more integrated into the online world—and our closets become packed with physical items we don’t have space for. NFTs are a way of owning digital goods without cluttering up your house.

So in 10 years when you browse the Hot Topic website in virtual reality with your friends, don’t you want to have the hottest avatar around?

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