In a study published in Frontiers In Human Neuroscience, data finds that listening to (what the study defines as) “extreme” music genres, such as heavy metal, emo and screamo, can actually calm listeners. 

The data found directly contradicts the notion that heavier music is tied to anger and aggression. In the study, 39 participants were asked to speak on an emotionally trying time in their lives, and their emotions were measured via heart rate monitoring and question monitoring. Afterwards, some participants sat in silence for ten minutes, while others listened to extreme music. As opposed to increasing the participants' anger, the music actually calmed them in a similar manner that sitting in silence did.

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“We found the music regulated sadness and enhanced positive emotions,” speaks Leah Sharman, co-author of the study and psychology student at the University Of Queensland. 

Do you find yourself calmed at extreme music? Let us know, and be sure to read the full study.