While the American version of The Voice has showcased talents such as Cassadee Pope and Juliet SimmsLa Voix just went a little bit heavy with this metal vocalist.

Check out the amazing clip below!

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La Voix is the French Canadian version of the The Voice and it's clear they've never had a performance quite like this one. Louis-Paul Gauvreau is the vocalist of The Unconscious Mind and definitely isn't the typical singer that judges of La Voix are used to. About half of the judges immediately seem taken aback as the lead guitar track begins to play Necrophagist’s “Stabwound."

Guavreau definitely had us headbanging as much as he was during his performance while the judges slowly seemed to be coming around. All it takes is one for judge to hit that big red button turned around and finally one judge did.

That judge was Isabelle Boulay who really seemed to rock out as much as we were during Gauvreau's performance. Boulay is a French-Canadian pop singer who has had her last five albums certify gold or better in Canada.

Boulay's Angelike Falbo made it as the runnerup in season three of La Voix which hopefully is a good sign for Guavreau.

If you want to hear more of Gauvreau's vocals, and who wouldn't? Check out The Unconscious Mind's Where Philosophers Fall here. That album is on sale for 6.66 CAD, because how metal is that?

Check out Guavreau covering "Stabwound" below!