The spirit of punk rock and its core values of self-expression are brought to life in Good Dye Young’s brand-new line of hair dye products, Metalheads. The new line debuted this week, along with a promotional video.

Having a distinct style is synonymous with uniqueness. In the visual, we see just that. Several musicians in a band gear up, dye their hair and prepare to play in an energetic club. Along the way, each member rocks out with their own unique look.

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The video, directed by Christina Xing, perfectly captures the vibrance and rebellion that the Metalheads line represents. Additionally, Turnstile’s song “HOLIDAY,” from their recently released album GLOW ON, provides the soundtrack to the commercial. The track only amplifies the liveliness.

Featured in the visual are some of alternative music’s most recognizable faces. Throughout the short video, we see Donna Missal, Fabi Reyna, Lani Renaldo, Stevis Harrison and Dani Miller. There are also glimpses of special appearances made by Waterparks’ Awsten Knight, the Linda Lindas and GDY’s very own co-founder Hayley Williams.

“Heavy is the head that bangs,” the Good Dye Young website reads. “Metal music and the lifestyle within it is nothing less than a culture fueled by raw emotion and self-expression. If hair dye is seen as a form of rebellion and standing out of the crowd, then nothing is more metal than dyeing your hair.”

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The Good Dye Young brand was founded by Paramore’s Williams along with her hairstylist, makeup artist and close friend Brian O’Connor. Both Williams and O’Connor brought their creative vision to life through the GDY brand, which celebrates individuality and expressiveness.

“Hair is one of the coolest and easiest tools that we have for self-expression,” Williams says. “It’s your own personal megaphone, and it’s attached to your head! Our purpose is to create an all-inclusive culture that inspires creativity and empowers everyone’s journey through self-discovery with a whole lot more fun so we can all dye happy.”

The Metalheads line from Good Dye Young features semi-permanent colors that get their inspiration from the quintessential metallic colors. They feature names such as “Toxicity,” “Gravediffer,” “KO,” “Killswitch” and “Du Hast.” Each color can be seen being modeled by the featured musicians, as well as on the Metalheads website.

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Good Dye Young products are entirely vegan and cruelty-free. Metalheads features “salon-grade pigments with bergamot essential oil and sunflower extract to create a nontoxic, conditioning formula that creates vibrant color while maintaining hair health.” The entire Metalheads line is available to purchase now.