Needless-to-say, Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday (Jan. 20) left many with a bad taste in their mouths. This was true for Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, who took to Twitter to express his opinions on the situation, as Metal Sucks reports.

His tweets addressed everything from climate change to the Inauguration Address, culminating in: "REJECT the term Alt-Right, just another sneaky euphemism for white supremacy, call it what it is!"

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Previously, Hammett sat down for an interview with Billboard, during which he expressed that while Metallica was not a political band, it does not mean he won't be vocal on an individual level.

"Part of the reason why we don’t consider ourselves a politically oriented band is because when you start talking about politics you draw a line in the sand, and all of a sudden [there's] division, and that’s not what we want. We want everyone to be in this together, experiencing the music together," Hammett says.

He continues, "I—not Metallica, but I—will take it upon myself to get involved, if there is something I see that is seriously wrong, and I really feel that it’s my job to say something, and to call out people who need to be called out. I believe in fairness. I believe in equal ground for everyone. I believe in equal opportunity and I believe that everyone is equal. That guy doesn’t even believe in that! He does not believe that everyone is equal."

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