We know you're down with "Shake It," the massive 2007 neon, emo-dance track by Metro Station. How do we know that? Because Spotify streams don't lie. But while nostalgia is a cool place to visit, you shouldn't live there. That's what Station-masters Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus tell Altpress content editor Paige Owens on the new installment of AP Phoner.

With Musso in California and Cyrus in Nashville, the Metro Station duo are certainly further than six feet away. But they come together as a united front about what they want to do next. And while they won't deny the massive success of their big hit in a post-Myspace world, they aren't planning on rewriting the song anytime soon. "We owe a lot to the TikTokers and the Spotify playlists," says Cyrus. "'Shake It' has over 110 million streams on Spotify, a platform that did not exist when they were [originally] coming out. The fact that it's getting that much attention still shows that good music is timeless." They also reveal to Owens about the other rule they had making their new record.

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The coronavirus pandemic has sidelined plenty of team projects in the music realm. While progress on the Metro Station reunion album has been stalled, there's still some joy to be had. The duo have released a new single, "I Hate Society." The track addresses the more overwhelming and exhausting aspects of social media and how it's hard to navigate them. In addition, the band are offering a limited-edition "I Hate Society" t-shirt right now (500 made), which you may check out over here.

On this AP Phoner, Musso and Cyrus are quite forthcoming about both their past and the future. They're not immune to the psychic travails the lockdown has put upon all of us. They also have a message of hope they want to impart to their fans. And while we're down with the thought of new Metro Station music, there are some things we still give pause to. Seriously, Mason? Brussels sprouts in bacon and maple syrup?