Strange Peace

ROCKS LIKE: Pissed Jeans, Idles, Whores.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Underground rock icon Steve Albini was enlisted to capture the Canadian trio’s fury with glorious results. Frontman/guitarist Alex Edkins alternates between two vocal tones: snotty nihilism and strapped to the front of a tourist bus going 70 mph off the edge of the Grand Canyon. For the duration of Strange Peace, his guitars remain uglier and spikier than ever before, while drummer Hayden Menzies beats his kit like it was a member of the Trump administration.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because the noise proletariat is the only thing that will save us from earnest bearded twinkle daddies, Auto-Tuned pop punks and mechanical robot shredders. Famous British music fulcrum John Peel once said, “Life has surface noise.” On their fierce third album, METZ have ratcheted their cacophony up high enough and still have it be considered rock music. Get the fear, you fucking kittens. 

OUR PICK: “Lost In The Blank City”

Sub Pop